Thursday, 19 January 2017


Hey guys! Here is part of my skin care routine. My favorite face cream is Clinique one, buuut... I found similar and cheaper Garnier Hydra Bomb cream and tuchmask from the same collection. I fell in love with these products and I will definitely buy and try night cream also. If you have combination or oily skin you need to try this! 

1. SkinActiv HYDRA BOMB, day cream
This 3 in 1 cream is made with two antioxidant superfruit extracts amla and pomegranate with daily UVA/UVB protection. Its fresh texture melts immediately on contact with skin and hydrates it all day long. It’s a very thin watery consistency which is easy to apply without sticky effect. Leaving the skin fresh and hydrated!

2. SkinActive HYDRA BOMB, tissue mask
This mask with pomegranate extract, hyaluronic acid and plant serum rehydrated skin, reduces the look of fine lines and revives radiance. Thin tissue is infused with a hydrating serum. It leaving the skin fresh and hydrated.

Monday, 31 October 2016


Hey guys, today I will talk about perfumes, my favorite topic. I really like perfumes and I feel like I know how smell every perfume on the world haha. It was very hard for me to choose only a few of them, because every perfume is special in their own way, but these are some that I wear when I'm in a bad mood and I need something to fix it. Hope you like it, enjoy!


First, I need to say that Marc Jacobs is maybe even my favorite brend of perfume. It is a floral fruity fragrance. On my skin is moderate, its sweet, but not too much. Top notes are pear, mandarin orange and punch, middle notes are honeysuckle, orange blossom and peach and base notes are honey, vanilla and woodsy notes.

Definitely my number one! I feel feminine and classy when I wear Oh, Lola. Its perfect for summer days. On my skin is moderate and fresh. The notes include wild strawberry, raspberry, pear, peony, sandalwood and vanilla. Also, can we just stop and look at the packaging of Marc Jacobs perfumes?

I wore Moment de Bonheur a few years ago and now when I smell this perfume it back memories from my life. Its very long lasting on my skin, but also light, I have some other Yves Rocher perfumes and they are all long lasting, so big thumbs-up for Yves Rocher! Notes are rose, green notes, geranium, virginia ceder and patchouli.

I'm not a big fan of coconut, but for some reason I like this perfume. It’s very long lasting on my skin, but it’s not too strong. Notes are coconut, gardenia, pepper, ginger, cardamom, amber, musk and peony.

Orchid Soleil is summer version of Black Orchid which is too much for me, but I really like this version. Its long lasting and very luxury, what else to expect from Tom Ford? Notes are tuberose, whipped cream, red lily, chestnut, vanilla, orchid, pink pepper, patchouli and bitter orange.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016


Color correcting is important part in my make-up routine, because I have a problem with redness and sometimes with purple undereyes. So in this post I will talk about all the different colors, what are they good for and also show you some products. Hope this will be helpful, enjoy! 

Green cancels red. Covers sun burn, wind burn, intense redness and pimples. 

Yellow cancels purple. Perfect for covering purple and blue undereyes, age spots and sun spots. Great for all skin tone. 

Pink cancels brown. Brightens dark spots, cover age spots and sun spots. It's great for pale skin. 

Purple cancels yellow. Combats sallow undertones. 

Red cancels green. Cancels out dark circles. It's great for darker skintones.

Orange cancels blue. Covers dark undertones, undereye darkness, bruises and veins. It's great for medium skintones.


                          NYX, COLOR CORRECTING CONCEALER

Urban Decay, NAKED SKIN Color Correcting Fluid